Blackpool Coastal Housing, the Arms Length Management Organisation created by Blackpool Council. Blackpool Coastal Housing took over management and maintenance responsibilities for the Council's 5,500 properties on 15th January 2007.
Mission Statement

'Working Together To Achieve Quality Living'

The Board's vision for BCH is to be an organisation working with our current and future customers as well as our partners to improve not only people's homes but also their quality of life.

One Team

The people in BCH identify with the Company as a whole not just with the section in which they work.

One Culture

BCH both empowers and supports its staff through training, appraisal and praise. We ensure that customers' views are at the heart of all decision making and that customer and staff involvement not only informs but leads the development of our services.

One Vision

BCH’s Vision is to be the best housing service in the North West and to be an excellent employer. We will provide services our staff are proud to deliver and our customers are delighted to receive.

To achieve our Mission Statement Blackpool Coastal Housing will:
• Manage the investment in Blackpool Council’s housing stock to ensure it meets the Decent Homes Standard.
• By providing excellent housing services, contribute to the wider regeneration and sustainability of the communities of Blackpool by entering into partnerships with appropriate organisations by training and, where possible, by employing local people.
• Continually improve the services to tenants.
• Extend the empowerment of tenants in the management of their homes and the services they receive.
• Become one of the Sunday Times Top 100 best companies to work for.
• Minimise the detrimental impact the organisation has upon the environment.
The values of Blackpool Coastal Housing are as follows:
• Blackpool Coastal Housing puts people at the heart of everything it does, including providing quality services to its customers and creating a culture in which staff feel valued.
• Blackpool Coastal Housing will provide excellent housing services, which represent Best Value, to the tenants of Blackpool Council and the wider community.
• In improving and developing its services Blackpool Coastal Housing will aim to balance the aspirations of its customers and the ideas of its staff with value for money and cost effective services.
• Blackpool Coastal Housing will offer fair treatment to all service users and employees regardless of age, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation or religion.
• Blackpool Coastal Housing will involve service users at all stages of the decision-making process.
• Blackpool Coastal Housing will involve staff at all levels in developing and implementing improvement plans.
• When complaints are received, problems occur or mistakes are made, Blackpool Coastal Housing will investigate quickly, put matters right, and learn so that it does not happen again. Blackpool Coastal Housing will adopt a spirit of openness when making decisions and delivering services.

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