Incommunities has been in business for almost 9 years. We own over 21,400 homes and have more than 1000 leasehold properties within the Bradford District. With over 1000 employees, we have an operating turnover in excess of over £80 million per year.

Starting as a large scale voluntary stock transfer organisation from Bradford Council in 2003. We began as a housing group with 6 constituent Area Housing Trusts. Following a Governance Review in 2007, we reduced the number of subsidiaries to form one Housing Association. We also established a new governance structure comprising of a Group Board and a Housing Association Board, supported by tenant led Local Management Trusts.

As the biggest social landlord in the area (and one of the largest social housing landlords in the UK), we have a key role to play in the economic development of the Bradford District. We manage a significant range of resources, which we bring to bear on our vision ‘improving lives Incommunities’.

To provide a basis for developing outcomes from our vision we have identified 5 themes:

• Sustainable communities
• Customers and stakeholders
• Governance and transformational leadership
• Growth and innovation
• Asset transformation

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