Formerly known as Wirral Partnership Homes.
With approximately 12,200 properties, we are the largest Registered Provider of affordable housing in Wirral. We are a socially responsible, not-for-profit organisation. Our work involves far more than simply bricks and mortar and our vision is providing homes and building communities. We are led by a Board of Directors and an Executive Leadership Team.

The Board has agreed to change our business name, so we are now known as Magenta Living. This coincided with all office based staff moving together into a new building called Partnership Building which has great new facilities that benefit our tenants. This move means that we had to change all of our corporate literature, letterheads and stationery to show our new address, so from a Value for Money point of view it was now or never for rebranding the company. We're also looking at expanding our services beyond Wirral and feel our new name will help us do this.

The services you receive won't change but there will be huge benefits in having the company together in one location through improved communication between staff and improved facilities for tenants. Magenta Living is a new chapter on our journey since transfer from Wirral Council in 2005 and we're looking forward to starting that journey with our tenants and other stakeholders.

You can call Magenta Living on 0808 100 9596 or Send an Email