Warrington Housing Association was established in 1975 and currently manages 1277 properties in the Warrington area.

The Association is registered with the Homes and Communities Agency and is a non-charitable Industrial and Provident Society.

" Our aim is to help make Warrington a great place to live, in which the potential of individuals and communities can be realised.

Local knowledge and local focus

The Association is based in Warrington which is currently our only area of operation. Our only office is located in the centre of town and most Board members and staff live in the Borough. This local knowledge and proximity to both our client group and agencies which support them, enable us to deliver a more effective and relevant service, both independently, and with other locally based partners. Knowledge is in depth at neighbourhood and often street level which supports more effective services and investment decisions.

Community investment and value added projects

The Association uses its assets to reinvest in the local community supporting our aim of helping to make Warrington a great place to live in the town.  Our investment in projects such as the Gateway, The Quays Community Centre, Fairfield & Howley Neighbourhood Project, extended WHiA services, emerging LifeTime developments, Credit Unions, local community and partnership projects along with facilitation of joint working through services like HousingPlus underpin our local contribution.

The Association is the managing agent of Warrington’s Home Information and Improvement Agency (WHiA) which became part of the Association in October 2007.  WHiA is a non-profit advisory service for older, disabled or vulnerable people and families on low incomes who own their own homes or live in private rented accommodation and wish to repair, improve or adapt their homes. www.whia.org.uk

The Association is also committed to addressing social isolation amongst the elderly with LifeTime which uses online and traditional methods to engage with the town’s over fifties and provide a ‘whole life’ service including social, educational and health information activities and resources. As well as organising activities in venues across Warrington, the free-to-join network also boasts the recently created LifeTime Centre, a dedicated venue in the heart of town where members can drop in for a cup of tea, use the IT suite or take part in a busy programme of activities which currently ranges from A (art appreciation) to Z (Zumba)! www.lifetimegateway.org.uk

Warrington’s Community Resource Centre in the town centre (the Gateway) is owned by Warrington Housing Association and was opened in 2004 as a community facility, including the main office base of the Association. The Gateway is an independent charity providing a central focus for 18 local voluntary and statutory organisations and services to come and work together to help people in the local community.  It provides access to advice, support, information and opportunities for lifelong learning. WHA is committed to working with a wide range of voluntary and other organisations in the community to serve the residents of Warrington. www.thegateway.org.uk


You can call Warrington Housing Association on 01925 246810 or Send an Email