The Grenfell Tower Inquiry, paused (mid-March) due to the coronavirus crisis. It will not return until July (at the earliest), according to their website. The 14th June 2017 fire in the 24 story tower block in London caused 72 deaths, many injuries and affected so many more lives.

The government produced a Social Housing Green Paper in August 2018 to address some of the learning from the paper. A Building Safety Regulator has been agreed, along with changes to the Housing Ombudsman powers on complaints, but so far, no action on building regulations. The actions will not yet been noticed by residents, but there has been some movement.

We have organised our Annual Residents Involvement Conference with the NHC into a series of webinars this year, why not join us to find out more?

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

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All our speakers will reflect on how Covid -19 has impacted their work and hear your thoughts and feedback on the way forward.

Delegates receive a follow up pack of recorded good practice workshops to view at your leisure.

Hear from residents, landlords and experts challenging the norm in how residents shape their communities and services:

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Booking early? Pose questions to our speakers before we record and hear your question answered in the workshop!

How to Book:

Housing staff to book however many tickets they would like using their organisational email address – for tenants, specify ‘Tenant 1’ etc. as the name and use your organisational email address, not a tenant’s personal email.

We will get in touch with further information on how tenants can gain access to each Webinar and the follow up Workshop pack without the NHC having to store their personal information.