Newlon Housing Trust, which manages more than 8,000 homes, was downgraded to V2 by the Regulator  over financial viability concerns,  based on Newlon’s business plan, stating that the HA “can deal with relatively less downside risk than most providers”.

One Housing ( 15,500 homes) have kept their G2 and V2 rating with RSH saying that One needs to improve aspects of its governance despite making some improvements. It has carried out independent reviews into its governance, risk management, procurement and probity. The board has changed its committee structure and increased the proportion of non-executive members to executive members but some new historic issues have been identified on probity and procurement.

Howard Cottage HA manages 1,600 homes,it has received a  governance downgrading to G2. The regulator said the association needs to strengthen its risk management and stress testing, the management framework does not “clearly identify the mitigating actions” it would take to deal with risks that arise